Children’s Eye Care

Contact Lenses

Nothing is more important to us than your child's eyes.

We do soft contact lens fitting with training for soft and most toric prescriptions. These are done separate from regular eye exams. We do not bill insurance for contact lens fittings or purchases. We will be happy to provide you with documentation of your payment for reimbursement from your insurance.

New soft contact lens fittings involve an initial visit in which the contacts are placed on the eyes, vision is measured, and the “fit” of the lenses to the eyes is evaluated. After these are satisfactory, training to insert and remove contact lenses is done. Patients are also instructed in proper wear and care of their contacts to allow for comfortable and safe contact lens wear. The next scheduled visit is at 1 to 2 weeks for a quick recheck of fit and determination of final contact lens prescription. Another visit is scheduled for 2 to 3 months to make sure all is going well with the contacts.

Patients who already wear contact lenses and want an updated prescription are encouraged to wear their contacts to their visit and bring their boxes with the contact lens parameters to their visit. Contact lens prescriptions will not be given without checking the contacts on the eyes.

Rarely, if ever, are contact lenses recommended for extended wear – sleeping in contact lenses places the eyes at much higher risk for infections and potential permanent loss of vision. Likewise, it is not recommended that patients ever swim (or get into hot tubs) while wearing contact lenses, as any sort of water can contain protozoa, bacteria, or other microorganisms that can permanently damage eyes. Proper care, maintenance, and scheduled replacement of contact lenses are essential to healthy eyes.

We do not have an optical shop, but we do sell contact lenses in our office. Ask us about pricing for your contacts. A current contact lens prescription is required.

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